Target vs. Wal-Mart… Who Markets Better?

Comparing and contrasting Target and Wal-Mart’s integrated marketing communication programs

Target and Wal-Mart are quite similar in their integrated marketing communication programs that are utilized to market their stores and services/products. Their integrated communications programs focus on identifying the products and services that the companies offer and making it known and readily accessible to the consumers and target market. Both companies have long engaged in a bit of a rivalry and their marketing strategies bring light and focus on their strengths through the use of radio/television commercials, printed ads, direct marketing and promotions, and now social and digital media. The digital aspect is a relatively newer form of market communication as more and more consumers find themselves utilizing their smartphones or tablets for more than just calling and texting.

Both Target and Wal-Mart strategically placed ads that consumers can view when using certain mobile applications. Their presence is felt on social media as well, as sites like Facebook have proven to be a powerful tool in developing strong integrated marketing communications programs. The similarities arise due to the fact that both stores provide many of the same services and products for sale. Both offer coupons for grocery purchases, and also advertise certain rebate programs and offerings for some of their tech products and expensive merchandise.

The differences are noticeable with Wal-Mart’s lower pricing strategy as they are well recognized for being the cheapest option among competitors in the grocery store industry. Target, on the other hand, is recognized and well-known for their emphasis on strong and quality customer service as well as product differentiation and higher quality products, such as their furniture and household products.

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