Samsung vs. Apple – The U.S. Battle

Samsung should continue to focus brand differentiation in order set themselves apart from Apple’s products. Apple has long been expanding their brand to include more than just computers, tablets, and phone. Samsung has long maintained a clear presence in the technological industry through the manufacturing of products from televisions, stereos, phones, computers, tablets, etc. The building of the brand would include focus on product line up that is not directly competing with Apple at the moment. The biggest rivalry occurring between Samsung and Apple involves smartphone production and sales.

Prior to Apple being awarded over $1.1 billion in their lawsuit against Samsung for using similar features on their smartphone production, such as ‘swipe to unlock’, Apple was utilizing Samsung microchips in their all of their iPhones. Once the lawsuit came into effect Samsung has slowed their supply of microchips to Apple and Apple may even need to begin developing their own chips. As Apple, dropped Google and YouTube through a variety of lawsuits, the effects on the quality of their iPhones capabilities have been an issue. For example, YouTube is no longer pre-installed on iPhones and Apple Maps is lackluster in comparison to Google Maps.

Once Samsung follows through and completely disassociate themselves from being Apple’s microchip supplier, I believe this too may impact the quality of Apple’s iPhones and iPods. It is critical that Samsung continuously reinforces the ease of integrating Samsung products with other products of different brands names, which is a limitation on certain Apple products which tend to mostly function exclusively with other Apple products.

Samsung should also use brand reinforcement to embrace the fact that my company has had a long and prosperous history with a proven track record of success, as opposed to Apple whose success has thrived and diminished repeatedly. Unlike Samsung, Apple’s success is based on the brand’s popularity and not necessarily product capabilities. It is well known that Apple’s products are limited in their capabilities due to the restrictions Apple places on these products. For example, iPhones cannot run Flash, where as Samsung’s smartphone/Androids do have these capabilities.

Apple computers run on the Mac operating system, which presents an issue when running certain software or visiting certain sites. These are all capabilities that Samsung products possess and in order to distance themselves from Apple’s popularity, they should promote the ease of use amongst Samsung products. This would also place pressure on Apple to conform by providing products that do not require additional expensive purchases and can sync or link easily with other non-Apple products.

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