Team Think!

  • by Rhyan Walcott

Employee Knowledge to Your Advantage as a New Manager/CEO

To tap into the knowledge that employees have, a new CEO should ensure that first a formal introduction occurs so that the staff and management know you on a more personal level. Promote engagement and open communication between upper management and employees. This open communication would allow them to gradually open up to you and allow some comfort to be felt while the new CEO/director/manger is in office.

Employees should be encouraged to provide feedback on daily company habits or any issues that may arise. These responses would not go unheard and can be utilized to gain a broader understanding of how things in the organization operated before your tenure. This would give you the opportunity to ask several questions while picking at the brains of your employees.

By gaining a better understanding of the processes prior to your arrival as CEO or manager, you should be able to strategize a plan that would avoid similar mishaps or mistakes that were made by your predecessors. Statistics can be utilized in this process to measure and compare the production and several significant variables under each person in command before you. The growth and profit the organization experienced under a particular CEO/director/manager can be compared to others to have held the same position. This would allow you to recognize trends as well as identify what factors may have lead or contributed to certain business successes and failures.

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