What Makes a Good Advertisement?

  •  by Rhyan Walcott

A good advertisement has key points of emphasis that would capture the attention of the target market. A good ad is somewhat pervasive as it attempts to sell its services/products to the consumer. Part of this pervasiveness would allow the consumer to see the value and significance behind the brand in comparison to its competitors.

This amplified expressiveness is part of a good ad and also ensures that your brand name is well represented and can be recognized by the intended audience. For example, a radio slot commercial may repeat the brand name, contact information, or main purpose of the ad several times throughout the course of the ad.

A good advertisement should demonstrate control. Control can be used in various aspects that would achieve the objectives behind the created advertisement. For example, control over certain positioning and placements in an ad such as print media may use visual clues which would ensure that attention is brought to the brand name and that it is easily identifiable.

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