Big Data

New Findings Through the Application of Big Data

Big data has allowed companies to observe significant factors that may help reduce and cut costs to the company. Big data has had its impact on a variety of industries as they all can benefit from the stored information to solve problems and come up with solutions in certain scenarios rather than relying on traditional science.

Traditional science can be a bit more tedious to analyze, as well as it may be more time consuming.

Time is a significant factor for many cases that may require things to be resolved or handled before it is too late or in instances where time can be detrimental to finding answers. For example, the bombings at the annual Boston marathon allowed investigators the opportunity to use big data to aid in capturing/killing of the culprits and narrowing down suspects in a timely manner.

The use of surveillance footage and camera shots from a several witnesses who submitted their own personal photos as evidence allows criminal investigators and the FBI compile big data relevant to the case and locate and apprehend those responsible for the crimes. Before big data, an investigation of such magnitude may have taken far much longer with suspects who were on the run, but the vast amount of surveillance and facial recognition footage allowed for a quicker capture.

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  1. Big data has helped me definitely find my targets and maximize profits in my e-commerce business… Never under estimate the power of big data!


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