Benefits of Pharmacogenomic Testing

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The Benefits of PGx

Yes, it’s possible to eventually find the right medication through trial and error, but pharmacogenomics expedites this process to enhance both patient results and safety. The advancement of pharmacogenomics has a lot to offer doctors and patients alike, with benefits that include:

  • A safe, non-invasive method to test the genes related to specific metabolic pathways
  • Improved efficacy of diagnosis and prescription with a diminished likelihood of adverse reactions or overmedication
  • Long-lasting opportunities as genetics do not change over time
  • Reduction in patient doctor visits and associated medical costs
  • Simple testing methods that reduce the risk of user error and thus increase the likelihood of accurate results

The science behind pharmacogenomics holds the key to the future of customized medical care. A simple cheek swab can turn the world of disease treatment upside down, using the genetic differences in metabolic pathways to alter the ways in which medication can be prescribed to help and heal.

Patients with complex diagnoses or symptoms that could point to a variety of conditions can relate well to the trials and tribulations that come with finding an effective treatment, but pharmacogenomics can end this cycle. With a medication plan catered to biology rather than a best guess, doctors can improve patient care and patients can finally find a solution that works.

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